Top 4 Beauty Treatments in Manchester

Everyone wants to look good and be confident in their appearance, whether this is males or females, if you don’t feel good about yourself, then this can have a big effect on your self-esteem and overall morale. In Manchester, there are many beauty therapies available due to the size and stature of the city. Here are some of the best beauty treatments available in the city.

Lava Shell Massages

This type of massage treatment has become more popular over the last few years. This kind of heat massage uses tiger-striped clam shells that have been based in the Philippines for centuries, the process involves inserting a lava gel sachet into the shell along with activator liquid. The heat that is now provided helps to relax knots that appear in your tense muscles. These kind of massages are great for providing a deep relaxation as well as healing sports injuries and menstrual cramps.

LVL Lashes

This form of beauty treatment gives your lashes a fresh enhancement without the need of those heavy eyelashes, as this is used on your natural eyelashes! This treatment straightens your lashes by straightening them, instead of the usual curling process. Your lashes will now look longer and thicker which lasts to up to 8 weeks. The treatment process will only take 1 hour but will eliminate the need of mascara and have your lashes looking great for the long term!

Intimate Waxing

The subject of intimate waxing can be one treatment that not many people want to openly talk about, due to the parts of the body that can be treated! However, these parts will need reliving of hair from time to time whether you are male or female. This form of intimate waxing uses a hot wax instead of a strip for all intimate areas. This method is more relaxing for the client and makes the stubborn hairs that are refusing to budge easier to remove. Whether it be male intimate waxing or female intimate waxing that you require, you are going to want to find a reliable therapist because in reality waxing these areas should provide only minimal discomfort.

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

Gel nails are one of the most popular and common beauty therapy treatments, however it now comes with a twist. The invention of bio sculpture gel is a game changer as this promotes a natural nail growth due to the fact it is favoured towards a natural nail plate. As well as making your nails look the part, it also adds a feel of durability that other nail products would not, as it’s not all about the style with bio sculpture nails, substance is also taken into consideration. If you would like a change in design or colour, the gel is easily removable so you are not left with a nail gel that you are not completely satisfied.