The Best Beauty Treatments to Get in Winter

The weather elements of the winter months can really do a number on your skin! Skin can become dry and chapped which makes for some very uncomfortable issues including dryness and flaking. Not only does our skin need some hydration, we also know that following winter is Spring, and we want to have our skin and body in shape for that new season!

Zensational Skin and Beauty Therapy offers many amazing treatments to leave you feeling revived and refreshed!

Refresh and Revive

We offer a range of advanced skin treatments including out Refresh and Revive anti-aging treatment. This amazing treatment is just want you need if you are looking for an anti-aging treatment! This Vitamin A treatment will not only feel splendid but, will also encourage the production of collagen.

The real beauty of this treatment is that you have the option to have one treatment or several, as well as taking home care products home!

HD Brow Service

Not only do you want to take good care of your skin during the winter months, but, you want to keep your eyebrows looking good as well! Zensational Skin and Beauty Therapy offers amazing HD Brow Services! Unlike a lot of the traditional spas, that have just standard waxing services, Zensational, offers your very own session with a brow specialist. They will evaluate your face shape and determine the best color and brow shape for you. It is sure to make you feel fabulous and help beat those winter blues!

Lava Shell Massages

The cold of winter can certainly chill you to the bone. One of the best ways to relax and warm you throughout are to get an amazing Lava Shell Massage from Zensational Skin and Beauty Therapy. Lava shell massage can help you with deep relaxation, cramping (from both sports and menstrual), digestive problems, stress, anxiety, and even arthritis! These massages come in a variety of packages to fit your specific needs and budget as well!

Hand and Feet Care

While all of the overall body treatments feel amazing and leave you feeling revived, you can’t forget about giving attention to your hands and feet! Zensational Skin and Beauty Therapy offers amazing pedicures and manicures!

After having one of our pedicures, your feet will feel soft, fresh, and less tired! Your toes will sparkle and it will help feel relaxed! Let’s face it, everyone feels better when their nails are nice and manicured. It just gives you a sense of well-being overall. The experts at Zensational Skin and Beauty Therapy will take their time to pamper and make you feel like a million bucks!

Whatever beauty service you are looking to have done during those dreaded winter months, the friendly and helpful staff at Zensational Skin and Beauty Therapy have something to fit each and every one of your needs. They take their time and make sure that your time spent there is worth every moment! One of the best parts, is that they are willing to cater to your own personal needs! Get in touch today, you are sure to find it very worthwhile!